a. do, family, what, for, does, the, she

b. date, the, second, what, day, of, January, is

c. expression, remember, following, the

d. far, is, Teknaf, how, Chittagong, from

e. Maria, is, but, happy


a. What does she do for the family?

b. What date is the second day of January?

c. Remember the following expression.

d. How far is Teknaf from Chittagong?

e. But Maria is happy.

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a. way, hospital, that, is the

b. you, sailing, can, sea, go, the, in

c. is, minutes, it, 7, fifteen, o’clock, past

d. half-way, I, already, through, am

e. mother, dress, is, Saikat’s, a, maker


a. The hospital is that way.

b. You can go sailing in the sea.

c. It is fifteen minutes past 7 o’ clock.

d. I am already half-way through.

e. Saikat’s mother is dress maker.

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