a. it, now, month, is, what

b. a, days, few, go, for, I, shall, there

c. student, is, a, good, he

d. ask, questions, can, you, I, some

e. school, to, she, go, didn’t


a. What month is it now?

b. I shall go there for a few days.

c. He is a good student.

d. Can I ask you some questions?

e. She didn’t go to school.

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পঞ্চম শ্রেণি - বাংলা | স্মরণীয় যাঁরা চিরদিন - প্রশ্নোত্তর (৩-৪)


a. you, foods, which, healthy, keep, can

b. do, say, I, can, what, you

c. you, but, join, an, I, hour, can, after

d. our, with, can, him, practice, we, English

e. play, often, it, do, how, you


a.Which foods can keep you healthy?

b. Can you say what I do?

c. But I can join you after an hour.

d. We can practice our English with him.

e. How often do you play it?

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