Change the following passage into indirect speech.


Direct Speech: “What’s puppet show?” Lima asked her father. Father said, “Let’s go inside and you can see for yourself.” Inside the tent Lima said, “How strange! A doll is dancing and talking!” Father said, “A man behind the screen is moving the doll. Do you understand who is talking?”

Indirect Speech: Lima asked her father what puppet show was. Father proposed to Lima that they should go inside the tent and she could see for herself. Inside the tent Lima exclaimed with surprise that a doll was dancing and talking which was very strange. Her father told her that a man behind the screen was moving the doll. He asked Lima whether she understood who was talking.


Direct Speech: “What are you writing?” the angel looked up and replied in a sweet tone, “The names of those who love the Lord.” “And is mine one?” asked Abu. “No, your name is not included here.” Replied the angel. Abu said, “Please write down my name as one who loves his fellowmen.”

Indirect Speech: Abu asked the angel what he was writing. The angel looked up and replied in a sweet tone that he was writing the names of those who loved the Lord. Abu asked him if his name was there. The angel replied in the negative that his name was not included there. Abu requested the angel to write

down his name as one who loved his fellowmen.


Direct Speech: Suddenly a voice called out, “Good morning, gentlemen. Where are you going and what are you doing here?” “Oh, nowhere and nothing.”

“But you look so pensive, why?” “Yes, you are right. We are looking for something,” replied the six blind men. “Who are you, sir?”

Indirect Speech: Suddenly a voice called out addressing as gentlemen and wished them good morning. Then he asked where they were going and what they were doing there. They exclaimed that they were going nowhere and they were doing nothing. Then the voice said that they looked very pensive and asked the reason there of. The six blind men agreed with the voice and told that he was right. They added that they were looking for something. Addressing him respectfully, they asked who he was.

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