Change the following sentences as directed in the brackets.


a. Aslam is a simpleminded boy (Negative).

b. No other boy in the class is so gentle as he (Superlative).

c. He does his works accurately (Exclamatory).

d. We should encourage him in his work (Imperative).

e. No sooner had he reached the class than the rain started (Affirmative).


a. Aslam is not a complicated-minded boy.

b. He is the gentlest boy in the class.

c. How accurately he does his works!

d. Let us encourage him in his work.

e. As soon as he reached the class, the rain started.


a. Mrs Masuma is one of the most famous physicians of the locality (Positive).

b. The local people are proud of her (Interrogative).

c. She is very kind to her patients (Exclamatory).

d. They think that she is immortal (Negative).

e. We should take care of her (Passive).


a. Very few physicians of the locality are so famous as Mrs Masuma.

b. Aren’t the local people proud of her?

c. How kind she is to her patients!

d. They don’t think that she is mortal.

e. She should be taken care of by us.


a. Rabiul is a regular student (Negative).

b. He is very attentive to his studies (Interrogative).

c. He never disobeys his parents (Affirmative).

d. Everybody likes him (Negative).

e. His tone is very sweet (Exclamatory).


a. Rabiul is not an irregular student.

b. Isn’t he very attentive to his studies?

c. He always obeys his parents.

d. Nobody dislikes him.

e. How sweet his tone is!


a. Asma is a famous lawyer (Interrogative).

b. She is older than Sabrina (Positive).

c. She talks very smartly (Exclamatory).

d. Everybody respects her (Passive).

e. She never hates anybody (Affirmative).


a. Isn’t Asma a famous lawyer?

b. Sabrina is not as old as she.

c. How smartly she talks!

d. She is respected by everybody.

e. She always loves everybody.


a. Shafiq is a complicated man (Negative).

b. He is one of the most intelligent men in his village (Comparative).

c. He visits his uncle daily (Interrogative).

d. He talks so loudly (Exclamatory).

e. We should hold him high (Passive).


a. Shafiq is not an easy man.

b. He is more intelligent than most other men in the village.

c. Doesn’t he visit his uncle daily?

d. How loudly he talks!

e. He should be held high by us.


a. Matia is an honest woman (Interrogative).

b. No other woman in our village is so dedicated as she (Superlative).

c. She always follows the right path (Negative).

d. She is very straightforward in her way of life (Exclamatory).

e. We wish that she will live long (Optative).


a. Isn’t Matia an honest woman?

b. She is the most dedicated woman in our village.

c. The right path is always followed by her.

d. How straightforward she is in her way of life!

e. May she live long.

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