Read the following text and use modifiers in the blank spaces as directed.

Set 4

Water is a (a) (pre-modify the noun) substance. It has no colour of (b) (possessive to pre-modify) own. The (c) (determiner to pre-modify the noun) name of water is life. By drinking water, we can quench (d) (possessive to pre-modify the noun) thirst. Thus we can survive on earth. But (e) (pre-modify the noun) water is life killing. By drinking contaminated water, we suffer from diseases like diarrhea, typhoid etc. We may (f) (pre-modify the verb) face (g) (pre-modify the noun) death by drinking such type of water. We are responsible for (h) (noun adjective to pre-modify the noun) pollution. Waste materials from mills and factories are thrown here and there. Farmers use fertilizers and insecticides in their land. During the rainy season, they are mixed with ponds and rivers. Besides, latrines (i) (participle to post-modify the noun) on ponds and rivers cause water pollution. (j) (pre-modify the noun) awareness should be raised to stop water pollution.

Answer: a. liquid/vital b. its c. other d. our e. contaminated f. easily g. pre-mature h. water i. standing j. Public.

Set 5

Most of the people in (a) (use possessive to pre-modify the noun) country do not know the importance of English. In fact, it is an (b) (use an adjective to pre-modify the noun) language and we are living in a (c) (pre-modify the noun) village. So, if you know English (d) (post-modify the verb with an adverb), you can communicate with (e) (use article to pre-modify the noun phrase) rest of the world. It is surely an important element of your (f) (use a noun adjective to pre-modify the noun) skill. Without the knowledge of English with proper understanding, you cannot complete (g) (use possessive to pre-modify the noun) higher studies because most of the books are written in English in the process of higher education. Poor knowledge of English will also hamper your (h) (use a noun adjective) development. In short, if you do not have a good command of English, you will suffer (i) (post-modify the verb with prepositional phrase/adverbial) of your life. So, don’t waste your time and try to learn English (j) (post-modify the verb with an adverb) from today.

Answer: a. our b. international c. global d. well e. the f. language g. your h. career i. in every stage j. properly.

Set 6

Once there lived a (a) (pre-modify the noun) fox in a jungle. One day, while he was walking (b) (post-modify the verb) through the jungle he fell into a trap and lost his tail. He felt (c) (pre-modify the adjective) unhappy and sad. But the fox was very cunning. He hit upon a plan. He invited all the foxes (d) (post-modify the verb with an infinitive) to a meeting. When all the foxes arrived, the fox without a tail said, “My dear friends, listen to me, please, I have discovered a (e) (pre-modify the noun) thing. It is that our tails are (f) (pre-modify the adjective) useless. They look ugly and dirty. So, we should cut off our tails, shouldn’t we?” All foxes listened to the cunning fox (g) (post-modify the verb). Most of them agreed (h) (post-modify the verb with an infinitive) their tails. But an old and (i) (pre-modify the noun) fox said to him, “My friend, your plan is nice but evil. Actually, you want to cut off our tails because you have (j) (pre-modify the noun with a determiner) tail of your own.”

Answer: a. clever b. alone c. very d. to come e. new f. quite g. attentively h. to cut off i. wise j. no.

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