Complete the following text with right form of verbs given in the list.




One day the great poet Ferdousi (a) ______ by Sultan Mahmud to (b) ______ Shahanama in honour of the Sultan. The Sultan (c) ______ to pay Ferdousi a gold coin for each verse. Ferdousi (d) ______ the writing and it (e) ______ found (f) ______ sixty thousand verses. Now, the Sultan (g) ______ to pay sixty thousand gold coins. He (h) ______ to pay silver coins instead of gold coins. The poet (i) ______ silver coins and (j) ______ to the village.

Answer: a. was asked, b. write, c. promised, d. finished, e. was, f. to contain, g. did not want, h. wanted / agreed, i. did not accept, j. returned.




One day, a scholar (a) ______ a river with a boat. Suddenly a ghastly wind (b) ______ to blow. The scholar (c) ______ with fear. The boatman (d) ______ him if he (e) ______ how to swim. The answer from the scholar (f) ______ negative. Then the boatman (g) ______ , “Very soon you are going to (h) ______ . You (i) ______a lot of knowledge but it (j) ______to use at this moment.”

Answer: a. was crossing, b. began, c. was trembling/trembled, d. asked, e. knew, f. was, g. said, h. drown/be drowned, i. have, j. does not come/will not come.

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