Gap filling activities without clues. Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition, articles and zero articles.

19. Travelling has as great influence (a) _____ our minds. The human mind always craves (b) _____ change. There is none who does not feel (c) _____ thrill of joy (d) _____ the new sight of experience. (e) _____ traveler comes in contact (f) _____ various type of people. If he moves (g) _____ with the observant eyes, he can acquire a lot of practical (h) _____ knowledge about men and things of the world which books alone cannot provide. Travelling gives us (i) _____ opportunity to enjoy the most enchanting sights of nature. It helps one enrich one’s knowledge and makes one (J) _____ perfect man.

Answer: a. on; b. for; c. a; d. at; e. The; f. with; g. about; h. x; i. an; j. a.

মো. জসিম উদ্দীন বিশ্বাস, প্রভাষক, ঢাকা রেসিডেনসিয়াল মডেল কলেজ, ঢাকা

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