a. today, the, is, sky, clear

b. separate, they, rooms, live, in

c. children, the, what, doing, were

d. country, is, Bangladesh, a, small

e. his, who, uncle, is


a. The sky is clear today.

b. They live in separate rooms.

c. What were the children doing?

d. Bangladesh is a small country.

e. Who is his uncle?

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a. going, to, Bogra, I’m

b. go, there, when, did, you

c. housewife, she, is, a

d. lives, with, his, parents, Saikat, in, a, flat

e. sewing, in, her, time, free, loves, she


a. I’m going to Bogra.

b. When did you go there?

c. She is a housewife.

d. Saikat lives with his parents in a flat.

e. She loves sewing in her free time.

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