Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in the parenthesis.

1. A good student is always (a)_______ (mind) of his studies. He is (b) _______ (respect) of his (c) _______ (teach) and superiors. He never (d) _______ (honour) anybody. He is free from (e) _______ (behavior) and never rude to his classmates. As he is (f)_______ (study) he never wastes his time in vain. He is also sincere and listens to his teachers (g)_______ (attentive) so that he can be (h) _______ (success) in life. His punctuality and (i) _______ (determine) help him to (j) _______ (take) and solve any difficult work or job. But he is not (k)_______ (differ) to his moral character. He never mixes with bad boys who are (l)_______ (involve) in various types of (m)_______ (crime) activities. Rather he gets (n) _______ (attract) to all good things.

Answer: a. mindful; b. respectful; c. teachers; d. dishonours; e. misbehavior; f. studious; g. attentively; h. successful; i. determination; j. undertake; k. indifferent; l. involved; m. criminal; n. attracted.

2. Success in life depends on the proper (a)_______ (utilize) of time. Those who waste their (b)_______ (value) time in (c) _______ (idle), reduce the time of their important work. (d) _______ (punctual) is another great virtue of human beings that (e)_______ (rich) the (f) _______ (man) life. If one takes lesson from the (g) _______ (biography) of successful persons, one will learn that they never kept any work (h) _______ (do) for the next day. (i) _______ (obvious) , they were true to their words. So, they got a (j) _______ (respect) position in the society. If we want to be great in life, we must utilize time (k) _______ (fruit) and (l) _______ (meaning). Moreover, we are to put (m) _______ (import)to punctuality and (n) _______ (sincere).

Answer: a. utilization; b. valuable; c. idleness; d. Punctuality; e. enriches; f. human; g. autobiography; h. undone; i. Obviously;j. respectable; k. fruitfully; l. meaningfully; m. importance; n. sincerity.

3. Bangladesh is a (a) _______ (river) and (b) _______ (agriculture) country. So, we can not ignore the (c) _______ (important) of rivers. Our agriculture is largely (d) _______ (depend) on the rivers. But we get (e) _______ (sufficient) water for use from the rivers. There are (f) _______ (differ) reasons behind it. At first, the water of many rivers (g) _______ (dry) up in summer. Again, the water of some rivers is (h) _______ (extreme) poisonous. This poisonous water is (i) _______ (suit) for our agriculture. So, water pollution should be prevented at any cost for the (j) _______ (better) of our agriculture. So the government should carry on (k) _______ (extend) campaign against water pollution. In this (l) _______ (connect), the mass media can play (m) _______ (significance) role in making people (n) _______ (ware) of the harmful effects of water pollution.

Answer: a. riverine; b. agricultural; c. importance; d. dependent; e. insufficient; f. different; g. dries; h. extremely; i. unsuitable; j. betterment; k. extensive; l. connection; m. significant; n. aware.

4. Road accidents have (a) _______ (recent) become a regular phenomenon in our country. As a result of the accidents, many persons fall victim to (b) _______ (timely) death. It is reported that most of the accidents occur because of the (c) _______ (violate) of traffic rules by (d) _______ (skilled) drivers and (e) _______ (conscious) passers-by. Many (f) _______ (licensed) and (g) _______ (fault) vehicles run on the streets. These vehicles (h) _______ (danger) the (i) _______ (safe) of passengers and the passers-by. But many of us are (j) _______ (aware) of this danger. So, the government has to take strict steps against this (k) _______ (manage) and (l) _______ (disorder) situation on the road. Otherwise, road accidents will go on taking away life (m) _______ (day) At the same time, we all should move on the road (n) _______ (care)

Answer: a. recently; b. untimely; c. violation; d. unskilled; e. unconscious; f. unlicensed; g. faulty; h. endanger; i. safety; j. unaware; k. mismanagement; 1. disorderly; m. everyday; n. Carefully.

5. Bangladesh is an (a)_______ (dependent) country, but she is still burdened with poverty, (b) _______ (population), (c) _______ (employ), corruption, food (d) _______ (deficient), natural calamities, power crisis, etc. Considering all these, the present (e) _______ (govern) has aimed at making a digital Bangladesh to (f) _______ (come) most of these problems. The actual aim of (g) _______ (digit) Bangladesh is to establish technology-based government, which will emphasize the overall (h)_______ (develop) of the country, and the nation. The country has (i) _______ (ready) fixed its target for the (j) _______ (achieve) of digital Bangladesh by 2021. By establishing digital Bangladesh, we will be able to enhance (k)_______ (transparent) and (l) _______ (account). As a result, (m) _______ (corrupt) will be (n) _______ (remark) reduced.

Answer: a. independent; b. overpopulation; c. unemployment; d. deficiency; e. government; f. overcome; g. digital; h. development; i. already; j. achievement; k. transparency; l. accountability; m. corruption; n. remarkably.

6. The books of famous (a) _______ (write) are put on sale in the book fair. Most of the (b)_______ (visit) buy books of different (c) _______ (publish). Almost no visitor returns from the fair without making any purchase. The (d) _______ (buy) like to buy at a fair price. Our book fair is always (e) _______ (crowd). As (f) _______ (vary) books are (g) _______ (play) in a fair, the buyers get a scope to choose books. They buy their (h) _______ (choose) books after a long search. This facility is (i) _______ (available) in any place other than a book fair. A book fair is always (j) _______ (come) to the students. A book fair plays a great role in our (k) _______ (culture) development by creating (l) (enthuse) among the readers. New (m) _______ (write) also get (n) _______ (introduce) to the readers.

Answer: a. writers; b. visitors; c. publishers; d. buyers; e. crowded; f. various; g. displayed; h. chosen; i. unavailable; j. welcoming; k. cultural; l. enthusiasm; m. writers; n. introduced.

মো. জসিম উদ্দীন বিশ্বাস, প্রভাষক, ঢাকা রেসিডেনসিয়াল মডেল কলেজ, ঢাকা