Gap filling activities without clues. Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition, articles and zero articles.

1. (a) _____ good man is a man (b) _____ character. His polite behaviour is (c) _____ great asset because he can win (d) _____ heart of other people (e) _____ him, no matter whether he is rich or poor. He also gets the admiration of all he deals (f) _____. He behaves well (g) _____ even those who are (h) _____ rude to him because he hates to behave rudely. One who pretends to be polite, cannot be polite (i) _____ all circumstances. But (j) _____ man who is really polite, does not fear anybody whatever be the provocation.

Answer: a. A; b. of; c. a; d. the; e. around; f. with; g. towards; h.

x; i. in; j. the.

2. A flower is (a) ______ best gift of nature. It is symbol (b) ______ purity and beauty. It gives us (c) ______ pleasure. There is nobody but loves (d) ______ flower. But it is (e) ______ matter of sorrow that (f) ______flower does not last long. It blooms in (g) ______ morning and fades away (h) ______ a short time. Nowadays, flowers are cultivated (i) ______ our country. Many people earn their livelihood (j) ______ flower cultivation.

Answer: a. the; b. of; c. X; d. a; e. a; f. a; g. the; h. within; i. in; j. by.

3. It is (a) ______ instinct of everyone to climb up the top position and power. There is no other passion in the world which is so powerful as the love of (b) ______ power. Man always hankers (c) ______ power, power is the source (d) ______ all strength. But excess of desire (e) ______ power leads one (f) ______ disaster. But people always rush to (g) ______ power. Sometimes (h) ______ powerful nation or society is dominated (i) ______ the passion. It wants to swallow (j) ______ smaller and the weaker neighbours.

Answer: a. the; b. X; c. after; d. of; e. for; f. to; g. x; h. a; i. by; j. The.

4. There is (a) ______ close relationship (b) ______ man and nature. Man has established (c) ______ friendship with nature. It help us (d) ______ many ways. Similarly, trees are closely related (e) ______ our life. Trees play (f) ______ important role in our life and economy. Trees are very useful (g) ______ us. We get oxygen (h) ______ them. They are (i) ______ great source of food and vitamin. They meet up our local (j) ______ demands.

Answer: a. a; b. between; c. X; d. in; e. to; f. an; g. to; h. from; i. a; j. x;

5. Youth is (a) ______ best time of life. This is the time when it is (b) ______ most important (c) ______ one to remember (d) ______ maxim: As you sow, so shall you reap. One must sow the seeds (e) ______ industry, truthfulness, honesty and other virtues (f) ______ this season to reap the harvest (g) ______ prosperity and happiness. Whatever takes root in (h) ______ man at this time lasts (i) ______ the rest of his life and moulds his (j) ______ future.

Answer: a. the; b. x; c. for; d. the; e. of; f. in; g. of; h. a; i. throughout; j. x.

6. (a) ______ stitch in time saves nine. This is (b) ______ well known proverb. Some people don’t care (c) ______ anything. They put (d) ______ a job (e) tomorrow, though they are not sure whether (f) ______ day will come. In this way, they can’t finish, (g) ______ work when they need it. Then they say, Alas! If we were not careless (h) ______ our jobs when we had a lot of time, we could be (i) ______ successful. The persons who waste their time for nothing, suffer (j) ______ the long run.

Answer: a. A; b. a; c. about; d. off; e. for; f. the; g. a; h. about; i. x; j. in

7. Coronaviruses are a family (a) ______ viruses that cause illness ranging (b) ______the common cold to more severe diseases such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). These viruses were originally transmitted (c) ______ animals and people. SARS, for instance, was believed to have been transmitted from civet cats (d) ______ humans while MERS travels from (e) ______ type of camel to humans. Several known coronaviruses are circulating in animals that have not infected (f) ______ humans. The name coronavirus comes from (g) ______ Latin word corona, meaning crown or halo. Under (h) ______ electron microscope, the image of (i) ______ virus is reminiscent (j) ______a solar corona.

Answer: a. of; b. from; c. between; d. to; e. a; f. x: g. the; h. an; i. the; j. of

8. Road accidents have recently become (a) ______ regular phenomenon in our country. As a result of the accidents, many persons fall victim (b) ______ untimely death. It is reported that most of the accidents occur (c) the violation (d) ______ traffic rules, by unskilled drivers and (e) ______ unconscious passersby. Many (f) ______ unlicensed and faulty vehicles also endanger the passengers and the passersby. So, in order to save us (g) the accidents, (h) ______ government is trying to create awareness among (i) people and has passed strict laws (j) ______ the accused.

Answer: a. a; b. to; c. for; d. of; e. x; f. X; g. from; h. the; i. the; j. against

9. Education removes our ignorance and gives us the light (a) ______ knowledge. In respect of imparting (b) ______ education, there should be no discrimination (c) ______ man and women. Education is one of (d) ______ basic human rights. If we deprive women (e) ______ the right of education, almost half (f) ______ our population will remain in (g) ______ darkness. No development can be brought (h) ______ without the participation of women. So, (i) ______ government is doing everything to educate (j) ______ womenfolk.

Answer: a. of; b. x; c. between; d. the; e. of; f. of; g. x; h. about; i. the; j. the.

10. (a) ______ ideal teacher is often compared (b) ______ an architect. He is called (c) ______ architect of a nation. He is the light of learning and makes the illiterate people (d) ______ worthy citizens of our country. But it is (e) ______ matter of regret that the teachers are not held (f) ______ due respect in our society. They lead (g) ______ humble life in the midst of want. Still they keep the light (h) ______ education burning in order to remove (i) ______ darkness of illiteracy and superstitions (j) ______ the society.


a. An; b. with; c. the; d. x; e. a; f. in; g. a; h. of; i. the; j. from.

11. Man is (a) ______ maker of his own fate. If he makes (b) ______proper division (c) ______ his time and does his duties accordingly, he will surely improve and prosper (d) ______ life. But if he does otherwise, he is sure to suffer when it is too (e) ______ late. To waste time is similar (f) ______ commit suicide, In fact, our life is nothing but (g) ______ sum total (h) ______ hours, days and years. If we waste (i) ______ morning hours of life, we shall have to suffer (j) ______ the long run.

Answer: a. the; b. a; c. of; d. in; e. x; f. to; g. the; h. of; i. the; j. in.

12. Our motherland Bangladesh is (a) ______ agricultural country. Most of (b) ______ our people are engaged (c) ______ cultivation. Many cultivators are too poor to buy and use (d) ______ modern tools. Still they can grow bumper crops if (e) ______ climate is favorable. Farmers are not valued (f) ______ our society but a farmer is an ideal person who works to provide us (g) ______ food. We need to come forward to cooperate (h) ______ the farmers. The government also needs to come forward for the betterment (i) ______ agriculture. We hope to become (j) ______ developed nation soon.

Answer: a. an; b. x; c. in; d. x; e. the; f. in; g. with; h. with; i. of; j. a.

13. Traffic jam is (a) ______ problem in all towns and cities (b) ______ Bangladesh. It occurs where (c) ______ mass of vehicles crowd so close together that movement becomes impossible (d) ______ some time. It is more common where (e) ______ streets are narrow and have many bends. Weak traffic control system is also largely responsible (f) ______ it. Traffic jam is (g) ______ very vexatious and time killing. When caught in (h) ______traffic jam, we simply get struck (i) ______ at one place. We cannot move forward, we cannot move backward either. We have to wait and look repeatedly (j) ______ our watch.

Answer: a. a; b. in; c. a; d. for; e. the; f. for; g. x; h. a; i. up; j. at.

14. Travelling has (a) ______ beneficial influence on our minds. (b) ______ human mind always craves (c) ______ a change. This is afforded (d) ______ travelling in new lands. There is none who does not feel (e) ______ thrill of joy (f) ______ the new sight of experience. Travelling gives us (g) ______ opportunity to enjoy the most charming scenes of nature. Though it is (h) expensive, It can bring a change both (i) ______ body and mind thus, travelling can help one to complete one’s knowledge and thus one can be (j) ______ perfect man.

Answer: a. a; b. The; c. for; d. by; e. a; f. at; g. an; h. x; i. in; j. a.

15. Nowadays, parents are very conscious (a) ______ the harmful effect of punishment (b) ______ children. Child psychologists think that both (c) ______ physical and mental punishments can be disastrous for (d) ______ child’s growth and development. It may lead (e) ______ fear and hatred of the person who punishes (f) ______ child. Again if (g) ______ child is punished, it may lack initiative. It may also feel hostile (h) ______ others. So, rude (i) behavior gradually develops (j) ______ him.

Answer: a. of; b. on; c. x; d. a; e. to; f. the; g. a; h. to; i. x; j. in.

মো. জসিম উদ্দীন বিশ্বাস, প্রভাষক, ঢাকা রেসিডেনসিয়াল মডেল কলেজ, ঢাকা