a. hare, there, once, was, a

b. you, to, happy, birthday

c. talking, to, she, mother, is, her

d. dream, Maria, a, has

e. game, what, you, play, do, like, to


a. Once there was a hare.

b. Happy birthday to you.

c. She is talking to her mother.

d. Maria has a dream.

e. What game do you like to play?

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a. I, do, in, Sylhet, live

b. my, is, Mita, name

c. class, Rashid, is, for, late

d. would, oh, be, that, wonderful

e. is, Bithi, a quiet, person, not


a. Do I live in Sylhet?

b. Is Mita my name?

c. Is Rashid late for class?

d. Oh! That would be wonderful.

e. Bithi is not a quiet person.

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