a. have, you, do, any, class, now

b. must, you, regularly, them, eat

c. you, have, done, your, homework

d. Olympics, when, the, first, was

e. don’t, like, potato, I, chips


a. Do you have any class now?

b. You must eat them regularly.

c. Have you done your homework?

d. When was the first Olympics?

e. I don’t like potato chips.

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a. kind, are, polite, and, they

b. want, know, what, you, do, to

c. spend, leisure, your, you, do, how, tibme

d. wonderful, is, it, how

e. yourself, know, don’t, you


a. They are kind and polite.

b. What do you want to know?

c. How do you spend your leisure time?

d. How wonderful it is!

e. Don’t you know yourself?

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