Prefixes and Suffixes - ইংরেজি ২য় পত্র | এসএসসি ২০২৫

পূর্ণাঙ্গ সিলেবাস অনুসারে

Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in the parenthesis.


Bangladesh is a (a)         (river) and (b)         (agriculture)         country. So, we can not ignore the (c)         (important)         of rivers. Our agriculture is largely (d)         (depend)         on the rivers. But we get (e)         (sufficient)         water for use from the rivers. There are (f)         (differ)         reasons behind it. At first, the water of many rivers (g)         (dry)         up in summer. Again, the water of some rivers is (h)         (extreme)         poisonous. This poisonous water is (i)         (suit)         for our agriculture. So, water pollution should be prevented at any cost for the (j)         (better)         of our agriculture. So the government should carry on (k)         (extend)         campaign against water pollution. In this (l)         (connect)        , the mass media can play (m)         (significance)         role in making people (n)         (ware)         of the harmful effects of water pollution.

Answer: a. riverine; b. agricultural; c. importance; d. dependent; e. insufficient; f. different; g. dries; h. extremely; i. unsuitable; j. betterment; k. extensive; l. connection; m. significant; n. aware.


Road accidents have (a)         (recent)         become a regular phenomenon in our country. As a result of the accidents, many persons fall victim to (b)         (timely)         death. It is reported that most of the accidents occur because of the (c)         (violate)         of traffic rules by (d)         (skilled)         drivers and (e)         (conscious)         passers-by. Many (f)         (licensed)         and (g)         (fault)         vehicles run on the streets. These vehicles (h)         (danger)         the (i)         (safe)         of passengers and the passers-by. But many of us are (j)         (aware)         of this danger. So, the government has to take strict steps against this (k)         (manage)         and (l)         (disorder)         situation on the road. Otherwise, road accidents will go on taking away life (m)         (day)        . At the same time, we all should move on the road (n)         (care)        .

Answer: a. recently; b. untimely; c. violation; d. unskilled; e. unconscious; f. unlicensed; g. faulty; h. endanger; i. safety; j. unaware; k. mismanagement; l. disorderly; m. everyday; n. carefully.

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