Fill in the blanks in the following texts with articles (a/an/the) as necessary.

Set 12 

Here is (a) _____ story about (b) _____ English king. This king lived in England many years ago. His name was Alfred. Alfred was (c) _____ good king because he helped his people. You know England is (d) _____ land of the English people. But in those days, there were also people in England from (e) _____ other land, Denmark. They wanted to take away England from the English people. So there were fights between these two nations. In (f) _____ one fight Alfred fought all the day but in the end he had to run away. All (g) _____ day he walked and at night he slept under a big banyan tree. Next day he looked for a house. He found (h) _____ little house in the fields and went up to the door.  (i) _____ old woman opened (j) _____ door and gave him shelter and food.  

Answer: a. a,   b. an,   c. a,   d. the,   e. the,    f. x,   g. x,   h. a, i. An,   j. the

মো. জসিম উদ্দীন বিশ্বাস, প্রভাষক, ঢাকা রেসিডেনসিয়াল মডেল কলেজ, ঢাকা

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