Put a tick mark (√) beside the correct

1. A camporee is a gathering of—.

a. students

b. cubs

c. tourists

d. visitors

2. Cubs all over the world have their own —.

a. tents

b. houses

c. workshops

d. camporees.

3. How is Cox’s Bazar? It is the most popular—.

a. meeting ground

b. tourist spot

c. market place

d. training center

4. What is Madhabkundu famous for?

a. There some wonderful waterfalls there.

b. There some tea gardens there.

c. It is good for nothing

d. Saint Martin’ Island is situated there.

5. What is ‘cruise’?

a. a journey by sea

b. a ship

c. a car

d. an aeroplane

6. The word ‘wow’ is used to express—.

a. pain

b. sadness

c. silence

d. surprise

7. The turtles make their nests—.

a. in trees

b. on the beach

c. near water

d. at home

Answer: 1.b 2.d 3.b 4.a 5.a 6.d 7.b

ইকবাল খান, প্রভাষক, বীরশ্রেষ্ঠ মুন্সী আব্দুর রউফ পাবলিক কলেজ, ঢাকা