Right Form of Verbs - ইংরেজি ২য় পত্র | এইচএসসি ২০২৪

পুনবি৴ন্যাসকৃত সিলেবাস অনুসারে

Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct form of verbs as per subject and context.               


English is an international language. It gives us easy access to the ever (a)        (expand) knowledge of science and technology, arts and education, innovations and discoveries. All the books, journals, reports, research findings (b)        (be) available in English. Any important books, papers etc. are either written in English or (c)        (translate) into English. We can read and earn knowledge from them immediately after they (d)        (publish). You easily (e)        (learn) about them if you have acquired the reading skills in English. If anyone wants to go to any foreign country, s/he (f)        (know) English. Many international meetings and seminars (g)        (hold) in English. Proficiency in English (h)        (ensure) good jobs and better salaries. Specialists say, learn English lest you (i)        (miss) the opportunity of getting good jobs. Without (j)        (know) English no one can step into international arenas for higher education or any job. Many organizations need employees (k)        (to have) a good knowledge of English. Many think that as Bangalees we should not learn English, (l)        (to set) our mother tongue aside. But their thinking (m)        (to prove) baseless. So, it is time we all (n)        (to acquire) the skills of English.

Answer: a. expanding; b. are; c. translated; d. have been published; e. can easily learn; f. must know; g. are held; h. can ensure: i. should miss; j. knowing; k. having; l. setting; m. is proved; n. acquired


Patriotism is a very noble virtue. It (a)         (inspire) a man to do everything just and fair for the well-being and betterment of the country. It (b)        (be) the quality that impels a man to sacrifice his own interest, comfort, pleasure and even his life for the sake of his country. Patriotic zeal (c)        (make) a man dutiful, energetic and enthusiastic. He (d)        (obey) the laws, pays taxes and (e)        (think) for the country. Patriotism (f)        (teach) a man fellow-feeling, fraternity and love and sympathy for the countrymen. A patriot is also (g)        (praise) and (h)        (honour) by his countrymen. An unpatriotic man, on the other hand, is an ignoble person. He is self-centred. He (i)        (engage) all his time in achieving his mean end. He (j)        (cause) harm to the country by his unyielding and reckless activities. The real education of patriotism cannot help (k)        (to sacrifice) his everything for the greater interest of the country where he (l)        (to bear). A man (m)        (to imbue) with patriotic zeal keeps the prestige of his country above everything in the world. Again, a man devoid of patriotism (n)        (to humiliate) everywhere.

Answer: a. inspires; b. is; c. makes; d. obeys; e. thinks; f. teaches; g. praised; h. honoured; i. engages; j. causes; k. sacrificing; l. was born; m. imbued; n. is humiliated.

মো. জসিম উদ্দীন িবশ্বাস, সহকারী অধ্যাপক, ঢাকা েরসিডেনসিয়াল মডেল কলেজ, ঢাকা