Complete the sentences with suitable phrases/words given in the box.


[as you know, instead of, at least, not in the least, for a long time, lest, so as to, in spite of, likely to, in order to.]

  • a. I waited , but she didn’t arrive. What is the matter?

  • b. , next Tuesday’s meeting has been cancelled.

  • c. The sky is cloudy. Do you think, it’s rain.

  • d. We kept watch all night robbers should come.

  • e. They lost everything in the flood. But nobody died.

  • f. I am upset by her ill treatment.

  • g. I shall have tea coffee, please.

  • h. He moved to a new place be near his work.

  • i. I got up early get enough time to work.

  • j. We went out rain.

Answer: a. for a long time b. As you know c. likely to d. lest e. at least f. not in the least g. instead of h. so as to i. in order to j. in spite of.


[bring up, care for, as long as, ask for, come true, care about, couldn’t help, both and, grow old, either of.]

  • a. I’ll remember your help I live.

  • b. Don’t money. I am out of pocket now.

  • c. She was pretty clever. She made a brilliant result in the annual examination.

  • d. Riad was by his grandmother. He was also educated by his grandparents.

  • e. I overhearing what you said. I was told to do so.

  • f. Most people other people’s opinion. It always should be.

  • g. I don’t much ice-creams. I like coffee.

  • h. I shall make your dreams . So, go ahead with your mission.

  • i. It was going on in full swing. He without noticing it.

  • j. You can stay here as long as you wish. You can use the bathrooms.

Answer: a. as long as b. ask for c. both, and d. brought up e. couldn’t help f. care about g. care for h. come true i. grew old j. either of.

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